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Kettel collides with Phoenecia
Kettel's excellent Myam James Part 1 is out now on Sending Orbs. Myam James is a two part album, each part featuring a different remix from Phoenecia. In Kettel's own words, this is"maximal electronic music". We agree.

Order/Listen here though Sending Orbs
Visit Kettel here

dsfsdWinter Music Conference 2008
Get ready to crack your glow-sticks, WMC is close at hand. Here are 3 parties guaranteed to make your ears ring.

Romulo Del Castillo, Otto Von Schirach, Ian Clark (Perspects) & more
Info: March 22nd @ Upper Eastside Garden - 7244 Biscayne Blvd. - $10

Phoenecia, eDit, Jimmy Edgar, Machine Drum, 000, Jocque Polynice, & more
Info: Thursday, March 27th @ Churchill's Pub - 5501 NE 2nd Ave.

Otto Von Schirach, Phoenecia, Richard Devine, eDit, Skymall, Dino Felipe, DJ's Aura & Sky Tucker & many more...
Info: Saturday, March 29th @ PS14 - 28 NE 14th St. - $10

dsfsdThe Electronic Music Manuscript
A Sony Premium Sound Library entitled "The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection" is out now.
Richard Devine created the library with the assistance of Josh Kay of Phoenecia/Jeswa infamy. The two are currently at work on a follow up volume to be released later this year. The included 2-part documentary (Directed by M. Patiram) alone is worth the price of admission :) See Sony Creative Software for full details. Links: Richard Devine - Josh Kay

A film by Luis Gispert -
Soundtrack By Phoenecia

New York Times Review:
"A boy lies on a trampoline, clutching a boombox to his chest. Gradually the blue tarpaulin turns a sickly green as he empties his bladder.

“Smother,” a riveting new 26-minute film at Mary Boone Gallery by the New York artist Luis Gispert, explores the relationship between this 11-year-old chronic bed-wetter, also depicted in the photograph at right, and his domineering mother. Like “Stereomongrel,” Mr. Gispert’s 2005 film collaboration with Jeffrey Reed, it follows a precocious preadolescent’s odyssey through a perilous adult landscape — in this case 1980s Miami (where Mr. Gispert was raised).

“Smother,” which has a script by Mr. Gispert and the artist Orly Genger and a soundtrack by the experimental duo Phoenecia, is the throbbing, flamingo-pink heart of Mr. Gispert’s two-gallery show, at Mary Boone and Zach Feuer. With its tropical palette and episodic magical realism (which might be too real for some animal lovers), it can seem less like a film than a tenuously linked series of Mr. Gispert’s stills. Dialogue is sparse, and as melodramatic as a telenovela’s. The camera lingers over the spectacular stucco-mansion setting, which Mr. Gispert has aptly described as “narco-nouveau-riche.”

At Zach Feuer Gallery, a sculptural installation echoes the film’s lurid scenery. Photographs of truck interiors, racing-striped walls and high-gloss, heart-shaped speakers put forth a Miami version of the hot-rod-inspired art that emerged in 1960s Southern California. - KAREN ROSENBERG

Through Feb. 16, Zach Feuer Gallery, 530 West 24th Street, Chelsea, 212-989-7700,
Through March 1, Mary Boone Gallery, 541 West 24th Street, Chelsea, 212-752-2929

Excerpts Of Phoenecia's "Smother" Soundtrack will be featured on a forthcoming album entitled "Echelon Mall", a collection of works from soudtracks and exhibitions.

New York Times Review
New York Sun Review
Luis Gispert's Gallery Page

We are now officially bedfellows with Bleep. On's frontpage you will find a feature section with 9 exclusive Schematic releases. 4 are new (listed in the OUT NOW!
column to the right) & 5 are re-issues of rare releases from Schematic artists Dino Felipe & Secret Frequency Crew. Bleep now carries Schematic's entire back catalog including our tour-only "El Tour De Los Guapos" CD and Takeshi Muto's "Expect More..." album including 6 rare/unreleased tracks. Look for ads in December's Wire and XLR8R issues for links to a free unreleased Richard Devine track & more. Visit our buy page to listen/buy tracks or go straight to Bleep's Schematic label page.

 Photo: New York Times
Phoenecia & Otto Von Schirach are currently scoring Friends With You: Cloud City, a 20+ minute piece with original themes by Mami Chan & Norman Bambi of PonPoko. The portal to Cloud City will be open from December 1, 2005 until January 29, 2006. The inhabitants of Cloud City will only be on hand to welcome visitors during Art Basel Miami's festival days of December 1rd & 3rd.

Limited copies of the score will be available at the event, the remaining copies (if any) will then become available thorugh and our various distribution channels.

Brief: The Miami collective Friends With You will create a larger-than-life playground installation, Cloud City, to inaugurate MOCA’s new 12,000 square foot annex MOCA at Goldman Warehouse in Miami’s Wynwood Arts and Entertainment District. Cloud City celebrates the innocence of youth and interactive play becomes inevitable as viewers encounter slides, toys, and massive foam characters. Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval, III, the two artists known as Friends With You, create unique work that incorporates elements of youthful play with references to tribal rituals and mysticism.

Friends With You: Cloud City inaugurates MOCA at Goldman Warehouse
December 1, 9AM - Noon with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:15 followed by a light breakfast for MOCA Shaker members and above, and Art Basel Miami Beach VIPs. RSVP required 305.893.6211. ext 23.

Friends With You
New York Times Article
Mami Chan & Norman Bambi (PonPoko)
Museum Of Contemporary Art Miami
Goldman Warehouse & MOCA

Phoenecia, besides scoring Cloud City with Otto Von Schirach, are also currently at work scoring "How Long Is Forever"(Pictured), an 8 minute short film by a Los Angeles film maker succinctly named FG. The film will at 2 separate exhibits during Art Basel Miami.

In addition to performing at The Last Starfighter(s), Phoenecia are also performing with Melanie Patiram at a Moksha event featuring a lecture and art show by visionary artist Robert Venosa on Saturday December 3rd @ 228 NE 59th Street, Miami. More details to follow.


How Long is Forever is a film and series of photographs that explores a mysterious subculture which is immersed in death-metal music and the fabrication of large-scale chopper bicycles.
Through the narrative and juxtaposition of imagery, the piece examines notions of the supernatural and fantastic, carrying undercurrents of biblical allegory, adolescent angst, social behavior, alienation and identity.

Art Basel Miami Beach
The Yard @ Casa Lin
OmniArt III
FG (email)

Audio/visual collaboration in 5.1 surround. Part of Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center's "Workspace 2005" travelling exhibit. Two excerpts are available for viewing here: Melanie Patiram

InterSpace Presents OUT OF CONTEXT
September - November 2005
St. Anastasia Island and Sofia, Bulgaria
InterSpace Bulgaria

New Jersey
Parasolka Floats at the Silk Mill - Union City, NJ
Opening Reception: Saturday Sep 17th, 7pm to midnight
Show runs from Sep. 18th to Oct 2nd.

KEEPADDING have recently become intimate bedfellows with Schematic. The Santa Fe duo recently designed Richard Devine's CAUTELLA and are hard at work cutting their own swath in the art world. Having made our acquaintance during our 2003 US tour, our (usually) infallable eye for talent went bloodshot when we got a glimpse of their work. So, we had to do the spit-shake and think of a master plan. Our Glen Velez remix project has long been in the works without an intended designer. Recently it evolved into a 2 disc ordeal, the first disc (SCH032) a compilation of remixes, the second disc (SCH037), a Phoenecia Ensemble collaborative work. They eagerly took on the monstrous task of designing both covers (which will form one seamless design), and they did so following the same rules the remixers did, by remixing only the source material (in their case, a photograph from the recording session of Internal Combustion). Visit KEEPADDING now.

Phoenecia in Australia update: 21,600 miles, 9 flights, 5 live sets, 3 dj sets, and 2 radio shows, and 1 dead laptop later, we are back.
Australia rules. What can we say? Respect to the ones who brought us there, the ones who came to watch, and the ones we can now call our friends. View the picture archive (21mb) here.
We are now preparing for "LABYRINTH: the backward path", a group exhibition installed in a Labyrinth. Our presentation will be the only sound peice, and most likely in sexta-phonic surround (6:2) with proper visual accompaniment. Visit the Labrynth site here.


Our good friend Seb at r-selected has just finished the new fandangled official website for Richard Devine.
There you can keep up with Rich and his busy schedule, listen and download exclusive sound bits and view sexy pictures of Rich in lingerie

Update: Phoenecia were voted "Best Electronica Artist of 2004" by the staff of the Miami New Times, Miami's alternative news weekly. Read about it here.

Care to hear the current dirt on Phoenecia and the Schematic Music Company? Read "The Outsiders: Will Schematic have to compromise to get its avant-garde music heard?", a Miami New times feature by the ever-controversial Mosi Reeves.

Read the complete article here.

Media Archive

The tour is over. We are all still alive. In our wake we littered the land with busted headlights, pints of blood, tangled wires, and smashed pumpkins. Mayhem, madness, and motor homes it most definitely was. Conceptually speaking, the tour was a success. Thanks to you If you had anything to do with it.
As is customary, we now present you with a pictorial essay
(17.7mb - 2700+ photos) of some of the finer moments of our journey. Click here to enter if you are over 18 and not a law enforcement agent.

Phoenecia's performance at the Sonar '03 Festival in Barcelona, Spain has been archived for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the sound of our musical equipment short circuiting to the delight of thousands. Every performance at Sonar has been archived. Perfermance of note were Jamie Lidell, Lithops, Aphex Twin, Patrick Pulsinger, Bjork and a few others...

Schematic DJ's of Phoenecia, Mioc, and Gliese have returned from their dj'ing stint at at ATP UK 2003, All Tomorrow's Parties UK Festival curated by Autechre. Click the Quicktime movie icon to view a brief (5.2 MB) picture collage from the Festival and minitour that followed. Featured are: Coil, Kool Keith, Yasuone Tone, Disjecta, Farmers Manual, and the Schematic crew (including a few extended members) making their usual brand of mayhem.

If you haven't already, we recommend visiting the Warp Magic Bus tour microsite to trace the tracks of Phoenecia, Richard Devine, and the rest of the crusaders. View Jeswa's photolog (10.7 MB) of the tour here. Read Vice Magazine's uncensored and highly sensationalized coverage of the tour here. The Warp Records website contains a feature page dedicated to Phoenecia, wherein one can find pictures, a few Brownout tracks, a streaming interview with Brave New Waves - a Canadian Broadcast syndication, and a stream of Phoenecia's live set from Warp's Nesh party in April of 2001, where the Schematic crew (Phoenecia, Richard Devine, and Delarosa and Asora) took over. Inspect and enjoy.
 Out Now:

SCH032 - Glen Velez & V/A-
External Combustion remix LP
Atom™, Richard Devine, Leafcutter John, Subjex, Freeform, Bradford Reed, Keith Whitman, Errorsmith, Chris Clark, Lowres, Otto Von Schirach, Nick Forte', Pita, Murcof, & Jan Jelinek
Format: MP3

Otto & V/A - Armpit Buffet remix LP
20 poweful tributes to Otto Von Schirach by Soft Pink Truth, Jamie Lidell, Mr. Quintron, Secret Chiefs 3, Richard Devine, Venetian Snares, Phoenecia, Doormouse & many others.
Formats: MP3 (with Bonus 47 min. megamix by Aura)

Radio Boy - Rude Workouts EP
Special delivery from mood-master Matthew Herbert. Precision electronics for the pelvicly challenged. Remixes of the Richard Devine sound library.
Format: MP3 (LP out on 2/06)

Dino Felipe - Econo LP
The long lost brother of I'm You
. If it is indeed family amongst Dino's releases, it would be the black sheep. More edgy & perverse, more direct, & alot more sketch(y). Art by Dino.
Format: MP3 Only

Complete back catalog
listing on the output page.


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